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December 14, 2016 - Fossil Energy Services is the business pioneer in the arrangement of incorporated wellsite geological administrations to the global oil and gas industry. We have over an accomplished wellsite geologists, log QC masters, and borehole seismic specialists who are provided as individual advisors and inside full venture administration groups to major and autonomous administrators, national oil organizations for investigation, evaluation and creation well boring around the world.


Fossil Energy Service advisors have broad well operation experience and particular topographical ability for any well penetrating undertaking necessities. Wellsite land administrations are furnished in conjunction with our well operations extend administration consultancy, condensed under Well Operations Project Management.


What we provide


Wellsite geology

Wireline log quality control

LWD / MWD quality control

Borehole / vertical seismic profiling (VSP) seismic quality control

Well geosteering quality control

Wellsite pressure prediction

Wellsite biostratigraphy

Petro physical support

Composite log compilation

Post well reports

Log drawing software (Well sight/Well Cad/Pierre)

VSP data validation software (VSProwess)

Sample core studies

Operations geology


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Fossil Energy Service - Well Operations Project Management    


Fossil Energy Services is the business pioneer in the arrangement of coordinated geographical well operations administrations to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Working over the entire range of well penetrating action, from well arranging and development through well execution and administration to post well venture finish off, Fossil Energy Services has been included in many tasks in over Australia.


With capacity going from authority consultancy administrations and items through to full turnkey extend administration, Fossil Energy Service Well Operations Project Management consultancy gives a progression of arrangements that convey quantifiable outcomes to enhance working effectiveness, diminish well expenses and securely accomplish well goals.


What we provide


Well design and construction

Geohazard analysis

Formation pressure studies

Drilling project management

Well engineering studies

Formation evaluation programme design

HPHT and Deepwater well design

Horizontal extended reach well design and target planning

Contractor bid preparation/evaluation

Supervision of geological operations on client operated wells, see also Wellsite Geology

Monitoring of non-operated partner wells

Management and supervision of contractor services

Reporting to management, partners and authorities

Preparation of programmes, reports and post-well reports/logs


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